Traveling for work

Traveling for work

Traveling by brought
Traveling for work

I’m a systems consultant in the financial sector. Thanks to this profession I had and I am fortunate to travel to the outside to work in computer projects.

In recent years I was in Spain, France, Great Britain, Brazil, etc. These trips are usually for periods greater than one week and recurrent in time.

Many of these was shared them with co-workers or people from other countries assigned to the same project. This allowed me to look at the ways people face these trips.

In all of them and from the people I learned many things about how we relate to customers, how to organize travel, how to get the best and most important how to work and in turn enjoy the time.

All these things that I learned will be post on a series of notes for everyone to have the opportunity to read them and that they can take advantage if they consider that they can be useful.

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