Calgary’s Central Public Library

Calgary’s Central Public Library

Front of the building of the library
Main Entrance

Calgary’s Central Public Library is the main of a network of 12 libraries in the city.

The outside

The New building was designed by the Snøhetta and DIALOG Studios, the design began in the year 2013 and was inaugurated in November of 2018.

This building has the peculiarity that the C-train of the city enters a tunnel inside the building to carry out the crossing of the railroads

Public Library 2
Rear View

The Interior

I’m not an architect or a designer, so my description is going to lack an exact terminology.

When one enters it meets the central well that goes from the lower floor to the 4 floor, ending with a transparent roof that offers a bunch of natural light, it has a predominant use of the wood on the walls as in the stairs

Public Library 3

On each floor there is a different style of writing, fiction, non-fiction, etc. . The organization of books that are located on low shelves is simple and well signposted.

Public Library 4


Inside the library we find that there are many spaces available so that readers can take a seat and enjoy a good book.

There are also several rooms for consultation of audiovisual materials, meeting rooms, computers with Internet access, places to work with notebooks, etc.

Public Library 5
Reading Room

There is a particular sector that draws the attention of the visitor, the children’s sector. Separated from the rest it has volunteers and library workers who help children to enjoy reading from an early age.

In a full subjective vision, I found in this library a very pleasant place to enjoy a moment of relax reading a book.

As a personal conclusion if you visit Calgary for business, pleasure or just to go to BANFF, don’t miss the opportunity to get to know the Calgary’s Central Public Library

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