About Me

About Me

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The good thing about being able to travel, whether for work or sometimes luckily, is to be able to bring the images that I could capture with my camera. Needless to say, many of these images remained in my memory.

I will try to create a link between the image and the text in order to make them travel with me in time and feel the same thing that made me stop. Point and shoot my camera to capture that moment which is unique in time and is unrepeatable. On several occasions I was able to return to those same places and from experience I can assure you that never, but it is never the same.

You will also find reviews of places, restaurants or stories that have remained in my memory

I do not fit into a unique style of photography, so you can see galleries not only of amazing places but also thematic ones. I am a staunch fan of airplanes, they have something that attracts me, something enigmatic and also pending in my life.

As a self-taught independent photographer and a fan of Canon I welcome you to my personal page, Argentinian of nationality but of the world when it comes to images

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